The Edison Birthplace Association, Inc., was formed to insure the permanent preservation of the birthplace. This private, non-profit organization owns and maintains the museum. The Edison Birthplace Association is run by a Board of Trustees and staff, Lois Wolf, Director, and staff.

We hope that many of our visitors feel that they would like to share in perpetuating the memory of Thomas Alva Edison by contributing to the Friends of the Edison Birthplace. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Membership in the Association is available at the following rates.

Student $5.00
Individual $25.00
Family $50.00
Special Friends $100.00
Lifetime $1,000.00
Corporate Sponsor $5,000.00

Checks should be made payable to :
Friends of Edison Birthplace
and mailed to
Edison Birthplace Museum
Box 451
Milan, Ohio 44846

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