The Thomas A. Edison Coin Act, HR 678, is currently being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The first $7,000,000 received from the sale of coins will be divided equally between:

1) Edison Birthplace Association in Milan, Ohio
2) Museum of Arts and History Port Huron, Michigan
3) National Park Service for the West Orange Site
4) Edison Plaza Museum in Beaumont Texas 
5) Edison Winter Home and Museum in Fort Myers Florida
6) Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan
7) Edison Memorial Tower in Edison New Jersey

There will be no net cost to the United States Government.

Currently, May 1998, the bill has 296 co-sponsors, 290 were needed. Enough co-sponsors to bring it to the floor and vote on it.
 We made it!   Many thanks to Steve Bieda who concieved of the idea and made it happen.

Check out the list of representatives to see who's a co-sponsor.

The Thomas A. Edison Coin Act

Title I: Commemorative Coins 
Title II: Circulating Coins 

Thomas Alva Edison Sesquicentennial Commemorative Coin Act 

- Title I: Commemorative Coins - 

Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to mint one-dollar silver coins emblematic of the inventions of Thomas Alva Edison in commemoration of the sesquicentennial of his birth. 

Directs the Secretary to conduct an open design competition for the design of the obverse and reverse of the coins. 

Terminates the authority to mint such coins after December 31, 1997. Requires that certain surcharges received from coin sales be distributed to specified entities. 

- Title II: Circulating Coins - 

Amends Federal law to declare that half-dollar coins minted between specified dates shall have the same design as the commemorative coins minted under this Act. 

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