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Commemorative Magnet / Replica 1880's Bulb

  This magnet features an illuminated night view of the birthplace. A model of the first successful incandescent lamp is superimposed over the photograph. The text across the top of the card was handwritten by Edison's great granddaughter for the sesquicentennial of Edison's birth.

Working Replica of Thomas Edison's Carbon Filament Lamp. (as first developed in the 1880's) 40W 120V





Statue of Young Edison with his mother. A water color  of “Young Edison” statue executed by  Ohio artist, Kinley Shogren.
10 notecards envelopes included 4" x 6"





Felton prints - more white area than shown

11" x 14" $3.00

13" x 19" $5.00

Werline signed prints - more white area than shown
12" x 15" actual print size 7.75" x 11" $15

15" x 19" actual print size 11" x 15" $25




Inspiration to Youth by Arthur Palmer illustrated (pen and ink sketches) panel format
83 pp. paperback approx. 9" x 6.5"

It was published in serial form 1927 in the daily newspapers with the consent and approval of Thomas Alva Edison. (Edison Birthplace Association reprint) Highly recommended for ages 12 and up.



The Wizard of Menlo Park-How Thomas Alva Edison Invented the Modern World
by Randall Stross 2007 Crown Publishers 376 pp approx. 9.5" x 6.5"
“ With extensive new archival resarch, Randall Stross explores an aspect of Edison that largely escaped previous biographers: the huge impact of the iconic stature he attained as a young man... Known worldwide by his early thirties Edison never again escaped the public eye, and fame colored every aspect of his life. Stross vividly portrays America’s first scientific celebrity.” Mark Granovetter, Stanford University.
hardcover $24.95


Edison: A Life of Invention by Paul Israel John Wiley & Sons 1998
paperback 552 pp adult technical biography

As the title indicates this is a fine history of his many inventions. One would want another biography for an equally good coverage of his personal life.



Thomas A. Edison: A Streak of Luck by Robert Conot
Da Capo Series in Science 1979 approx 565 pp. adult biography. approx. 9" x 6" Conot was the first biographer to have access to the Edison Archives and thanks to him the great man seems a good deal more fascinating than the legend he left behind.



Edison, A Biography by Matthew Josephson John Wiley & Sons 1959 paperback 511 pp. approx. 9" x 6"

This was endorsed by his daughter, Madeleine Edison Sloane as “the best we have at this time.” (1966) It is readable and treats his faults and foibles in a distinctly fair manner.



Brief Biography John Venable
Charles Edison Fund paperback 35 pp. approx. 3.75" x 5.5"



21 Activities Thomas Edison for kids His Life and Ideas Laurie Carlson. Chicago
Review Press approx.8.5" x 11"



Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? by Margaret Frith Grosset & Dunlap 106 pp





The Story of Thomas A. Edison
(A Questar Home Video Presentation from the Famous Americans of the 20th Century series)
VHS length approximately 55 minutes. $3.00



The Invention Factory: The Story of Thomas Edison and his West Orange Lab
(Presented by the Friends of the Edison National Historic Site)
Length approximately 18 minutes. $19.95




Unreleased Edison Laterals 1, An Anthology of Electrically Recorded Needle Type Records
(Recorded 1928 and 1929 -- Total Playing Time 70:13)
Al Friedman and his Orchestra: Don't Wait Until The Lights Are Low / Just A Night For Meditation / Two Lips,
The California Ramblers: Cause I Feel Low Down / Dream House / Vaniteaser,
Vaughn de Leath: Tin Pan Parade / Is It Gonna Be Long / I Can't Give You Anything But Love,
Bob Pierce: Etiquette Blues,
Tom Timothy and his Frivolity Club Orchestra: Tell Me You're Sorry,
Parker & Donaldson: Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider,
N.Y. Military Band: Semper Fidelis,
B.A. Rolfe and his Orchestra: Why Do I Love You / Deep Hollow,
Piccadilly Players: Sonny Boy / If You Don't Love Me,
The Golden Gate Orchestra: Lover Come Back To Me,
J. Kaufman and the Seven Blue Babies: It Goes Like This (That Funny Melody),
Winegar's Penn. Boys: My Gal Sal,
Steel Jamison: My Arcady
$17.95 CD

$9.98 Cassette Tape

The California Ramblers: Edison Laterals 2
(Recorded 1928 and 1929 -- Total Playing Time 65:28)
Me and the Man in the Moon / You're the Cream in My Coffee / Along Came Sweetness / Button Up Your Overcoat / Guess Who / When I'm Walking With My Sweetness / Sunrise to Sunset / My Sin / Wishing and Waiting for Love / Broadway Baby Dolls / Tiptoe Through the Tulips / Someday You'll Realize You're Wrong / The Song of the Blues / Broken Idol / Ain't Misbehaving / Counting the Stars Alone / Pretty Little You / Love Ain't Nothing But the Blues / Lady Luck / I'm a Dreamer (Aren't We All?) $17.95 CD


Hot Dance of the Roaring 20s: Edison Laterals 3
(Recorded 1928 and 1929 -- Total Playing Time 68:41)
Sunny Skies / Wipin' the Pan / Hitting the Ceiling / That's Him Now / It Must be Love / Dance Little Lady / Building a Nest for Mary / I'll Get By / I Want to Meander in the Meadow / Caressing You / Let's Do It (let's fall in love) / My Troubles are Over / Makin' Whoopee! / Glad Rag Doll / Easy Going / I Can't Give You Anything But Love / Hello Sweetie / Give Your Little Baby Lots of Lovin' / Someday Soon / Singing in the Rain / Where the Shy Little Violets Grow $17.95 CD


Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams: Edison Laterals 4
(Recorded 1929 and 1976-77* -- Total Playing Time 49:39)
Come on Home / You Don't Understand / Oh Baby, What Makes Me Love You So? / Moaning Low / Have You Ever Felt that Way? / West End Blues / In Our Cottage of Love / I'm Not Worrying / *Baby Won't You Please Come Home (1976) / *I Found a New Baby / *Mandy, Make Up Your Mind / *Baby Won't You Please Come Home (1977) / *Everybody Loves My Baby / *Papa De-Da-Da / You Don't Understand (alternate take) / Moaning Low (alternate take) / Come on Home (alternate take)
* These live recordings were part of a series of programs, created by Leah Burt and Raymond Wile, in the 1970s in which some of the original Edison artists were invited to the Edison National Historic Site to perform. $17.95 CD


Edison Laterals 5 $17.95 CD


Vintage Vallee $17.95 CD


Fox Trots $17.95 CD


Eddy Duchin & His Central Park Orch. $17.95 CD


Ernst V. Stoneman (country) $17.95 CD

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